Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Goodies!!

Another busy weekend, another quick roundup of wonderful goodies from generous designers!! woot!

I was especially thrilled this weekend by this new designer's store gift which included a cute pair of beautifully textured laced-up booties! And do join her group so you can get a pair of sexy black suede slouch boots as well (shown below with the black dress)!!

Pics above:-
Dress: Kelia (booties and belt included) from Gelese Giano--free
Necklace: Green Cure Necklace by Rhapz (also comes with blue version) from Mynerva--free
Hair: Az from LALA Moon--group gift

I love this steampunk-inspired dress with lace and ribbon details at the cuffs, and it seems to go very well with my new-found boots too!

Dress: Onyx and Diamond from GG's--free
Boots: Black Suede Slouch Boots from Gelese Giano--group gift
Hair: Adena from Amacci--group gift

This is probably not new, but I must admit I was quite surprised to find a free cocktail dress from BishWear because I always thought they only sold hair! Anyway, I ain't complainin' 'coz the dress is soooo adorable!

Dress: Bronze Beauty (gloves included) from BishWear--free
Jewellery: Mandarin Garnet from Avon + Alpha--lucky board gift

I always look forward to the monthly group gifts from Glitterati, and for the month of June, we get a gorgeous shimmery lilac gown!

Gown: June 2010 gown from Glitterati--group gift

I don't know about you, but I just lurrrve the colourful, relaxed quirkiness of Gato--I feel happy and light-hearted just by looking at their creations!

Bohemian Shirt and Basics Leggings (found in separate boxes) both from Gato--free
Mimi Sparrow Mary Jane Pumps from Baby Monkey--previous group gift
Tue hair from Miel

Basics and Globo Jumpsuit (group gift) both also from Gato

And finally, a sexy pink flowery bikini giftie from Lurve, complete with matching bangle, earrings and belly bling!
Pink Passion Bikini (jewellery included) from Lurve--group gift
Knight hair from Exile--free

Have a great weekend everybody!! xxxxx

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