Friday, June 4, 2010

Mirror Me: Things that make me happy

Jeans vest: Pimkies
Sandals: Tally Weijl
Jeggings: H and M accessories
Dress: Pimkies
Flower hair pin: So Good Jewelry

Dearest Devotees,
As I've mentioned before I've just recently decided to join the Creative Everyday Challenge hosted by Leah on her blog and this month's topic is Bliss. So I've decided to tell you some of the things that make me happy. This ties in with being indie because an independent person can come close to but does not fit any real stereotypical style. You don't blindly follow trends but instead have your own style that you adapt as you deem fit. Seeing people that exude personality in their dressing makes me really happy. That as well as having a pretty indie inspired day like this:

9 am wake up to the sound of loudly playing Ingrid Michaelson music. Throw open my curtains to beautiful sunlight streaming into my window. Do yoga to a special playlist. Have a lovely hot shower with wildflower shower gel. Dress in a lovely new summer dress and sandals with daisy in hair. Eat strawberries with cream and vanilla yoghurt for breakfast. Bike out to favorite orchard and take random black and white pictures of nature up close with my SLR camera. Spend afternoon writing songs and poetry with my recorder and notebook by the creek. Have picnic with friends at a cute little family owned cafe. Go for poetry reading at jazz club in the evening. Go to indie rock concert (Flyleaf!) at night. Come home and bathe in lavender-scented therapeutic bath oils. Practice piano and french before bed. Meditate and pray. Go to window and wish the stars goodnight. Sleep.

This would make me subliminally happy.

Other things making me happy in my life:

Having lovely friends and family that love me.

A strong faith and belief that sustain me.

Working on my creativity and finding inspiration again :)

Exploring the idea of an artistic retreat after summer school for two weeks...

Hip Hop Classes- So much fun and an awesome workout.

Friends of mine getting engaged!!!!

Having 72 followers on GoogleReader and 7 on Bloglovin'. I love my devotees so much!

Turning my desk, now that its organized, into an inspiration station.

Being almost done with my first collaboration song!

Recording lectures and studying at my own pace. Honestly if you have ADHD or just have problems paying attention during lectures the idea of recording them is a godsend.

This poster makes me really happy.

Finishing my silhouette for the seeking inspiration: cross-training post I did. I said I'd share my translation of this picture:

And here it is:

Not too bad considering this is my first attempt at a silhouette drawing and my first use of acrylic paints to draw. I mean at least it looks vaguely like the photo above. Also I really loved playing with the trees. Practice makes perfect I guess. (Note I only share this with you because I love and respect you all. If you have any constructive criticism to help me with my silhouette drawing I am totally open to it. But please be nice because I am really sensitive about my art. )

Getting ready to attend the 2010 Where Bloggers Create online party! It's open to everyone and anyone who wants to show people their real life creative spaces. You post images and explain the decor and you get to see other peoples creative spaces too! I invite you all to come!!!

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What makes you happy? What makes you blissful? Will you come for the Where bloggers create party (Please come) ? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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