Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seeking Inspiration: Never Alone

Dearest Devotees,

I love people, I really do. I love being around people (particularly people I know and love) and I can even be said to get my energy from being around many of the people I love at the same time. However, and I'm sure all of you lovely artistic and creative spirits out there can relate, sometimes you just need to get away from it all for awhile to enjoy some quality time with yourself. Inspiration can most certainly come while going through the motions of your daily life, but it is much more likely to hit you in the moments of calm in which you can take in everything that you've experienced, process it all and create with it. This is why I did an artistic retreat at the beginning of this year. I just really needed some time to let things sink in and to prepare my heart, soul and mind to create. This is why some writers go away to quiet little cabins in the middle of nature to write. This is also why I've decided my favorite time of the day is dawn because everything is so quiet and calm and beautiful that I am able to ponder various things freely and without distraction.

Lately, I've felt an intense desire to disappear into some remote place with nothing but the bare necessities, and all my art supplies, and I really think that I may do this after summer school is over before the next school year starts. It would be a creation (rather than inspiration) centered artistic retreat and would honestly be one of the best ways I could spend the remainder of my summer holiday.

That said, not everyone has the luxury of dropping all of their responsibilities and disappearing into the wilderness for two weeks, and even if you do, that isn't always the best plan of action. So here are some ways of injecting little drops of solitude into your week.
  • Set apart a creative space for yourself in which you can return to regularly when you want to create. Decorate this place in such a way that it inspires you and moves you to create.

  • Use beautiful music, pictures, or scents if suitable to help create the desired atmosphere.

  • Find a particular time in the day in which you are least likely to be disturbed while creating. If necessary, ask people not to seek you out at this time. If necessary, get noise canceling headphones that can block out average background noise (very useful if you happen to have a roommate).

  • Give yourself time to think. Seriously, I've heard of CEOs who schedule meetings with themselves throughout the day, so they can just stop and breathe every once in a while. The best thing for you to do at these times it to just sit quietly and let your mind wander.

  • Take tranquil scenic walks or runs. By doing this, you can exercise and wind down at the same time.

  • Do yoga/meditate at the beginning and/or end of your day. Again its all about clearing your mind and taking stock of all the stimuli you receive each day.
Assignment for the week

I'm still working on last week's assignment but I'm happy to say it's going quite well and that it has two different parts to it that I will be really excited to show you next week. That said, here's this week's assignment. It's another song called Never Alone by Barlow Girl and I actually have the assignment for this done.

My Translation
It's a part of one of my songs. It's a pretty loose translation of the above song, (I only really used it as a spring board) but it also has to be pretty loose since they are both in the same medium. I hope you like it. The song is called Locked up.

Locked Up in this tower
Away from it all.
Don't want to listen
'Cause I don't wanna fall.
Locked away in this tower
Away from it all.
Don't want to listen
Because I don't want to fall.

Broken pieces, parts of me
Lying on the ground.
People, places, things I've seen
Have turned my life around.
Run me into desperation.
Seeking for a light within
The cold
and the dark that surrounds me.

Ran up here to get away
From everything else.
Hope is so bizarre to me
When all I know is hell.
But yet I want something more.
I long to finally reach that door
And break out.


But I am....


It's a work in progress and when its fleshed out complete with melody, harmony and accompaniment I will present it to you in an Artist Corner feature.

Links I've loved this week include:

I absolutely adore the SparkNotes site, especially when I stumbled upon this really sweet playlist on it!

I really miss polaroids, so much so I am considering getting a new polaroid camera. Until then this free application Poladroid is definitely keeping me happy!

This post on being a photographer by Zmaga got my heart racing.

Cafe Fashionista's latest fashion find completely dazzles me.

The poem in this blog post. Honestly, words fail me.

I feel so sad when I see the effects of the BP oil spill.

Zen Habits is just amazing. AMAZING! I suggest you start off your journey there with this blog post.

All images come from We Heart It.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What's inspired you this week? What links have you been loving this week? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.
P.P.S A huge Welcome to all my new devotees. You make me ridicu-crazily happy :)

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