Monday, June 28, 2010

It's My Day!

Today I went to Poised because I wanted to buy a nice dress with the group gift card that I received, but I ended up with something even better and free too! It was the Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt and I happened to walk right past the hunt box! Wow, Somebody up there loves me! hee... Then I hopped over to the Dominion Fashion District to pick up this cool pair of boots for only 25L! At the same time, Burroughs sent out a notecard about a free necklace, so I popped by there too, and got a gift from the lucky chair as well! It sure is my day today! *grin* And this cute short hair from [kik] is one of their new releases which I had been eyeing, so I bought it to complete the look...

Dress: Midsummer Night's Dream hunt gift (also includes a long skirt not worn here) from Poised
Boots: Stars Suede Boots (with texture hud) from EvA Footwear--25L
Jewellery: Starlight Necklace (free), Shanti Bracelets (lucky chair gift) and Uhura Earrings (free) all from Burroughs (all with texture hud)
Hair: Monica (includes headband with colour hud) from [kik]

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