Friday, April 30, 2010


I was a little tickled by the name of this lovely dress--'Renewed Innocence'...innocent I may not be *hehe* (well, not anymore I think) but renewed I certainly am (at least for the time being). Thanks to the encouragement of some fellow bloggers and after having had a glimpse of the things that they too go through, somehow I don't feel so lonely anymore! And I totally agree with Chalice that we bloggers really need to support one another!! Smiley

Ok about this dress, actually I wasn't quite sure this shade of green would suit me, but I just loved the texture and style, and, of course, I lurrve that it comes with choker and pumps too! Plus, a couple of days ago Amacci sent out a copper-coloured giftie hair that seemed to go with this green, so I thought why not? Smiley

Dress: Renewed Innocence Emerald Dress (includes choker and pumps) from Hudson
Hair: Lil from Amacci--group gift

Location: Metatheria

A Day in the Life, A flood of photographic inspiration

Dearest Devotees,

Thank you so much for you all your words of encouragements and prayers. I am almost done with all of my final stuff. I only have a one more costume design project, a paper for acting, and my piano and Economics finals left. I will probably do a post or two during the next week and as soon as I'm done I will let you all know. I have so many great ideas for posts that I can't wait to do as soon as finals are over. Until then I just thought I'd release a couple of pictures that have inspired me in the past month or so from We Heart it. Hope you are all well and good luck in all you do.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Over the Moon

Hey look, I'm on the moon! Well actually it's sort of a moon-garden with lots of cushions and places to just stretch my lazy bones *hee*. Talking about lazy, I just love this new dress I bought from Ceriano Designs today--the style, the colour combination, the dots and, most importantly, the fact that it comes with belt and shoes so I don't have to go look for them myself are just perfect for a lazybone like me! Smiley But it would have been more perfect if my laptop had not failed me this past week and I had been able to get this same dress at a discount!! Still I'm pretty happy with my purchase and I'm just um...over the moon with it!Smiley

Dress: Boy Trouble Dress (includes belt and pumps) from Ceriano Designs
Choker: Suade Beaded Choker from Hudson's--group gift
Hair: Addison II from Calico

Location: Garden of Greenburg

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back And Still Crazy About Immerschoen!!

Yay! My laptop is back! Finally!! Though it was strange that they couldn't find anything wrong with it; but now that it's back, I'm hearing that same noise again that made me take it to the service centre in the first place!! OMG I hope I don't have to send it in again! It's times like these that I wished I knew how to fix computers myself!

Speaking of fix, I guess I really need to fix my picture-taking skills--start from scratch, learn the basics, etc.. I know in the last post I said I was just gonna post whatever pics that looked presentable enough for my sanity's sake, and I actually got a comment about it (which I did NOT publish--thank GOD for comment moderation *hehe*) and it was in Mandarin too!*gulp* (thank GOD for translators)!! Basically the 'helpful' reader was telling me that 'anything that is NOT the result of hard work is of no value'! Gee thanks, like I don't know that already!! Maybe Miss/Mr Helpful has never heard of REAL human beings who get FRUSTRATED every now and then!! I mean, only God knows how much work I put into blogging! (Whether or not it shows is another matter *sigh*)...ok time to calm down...

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when back in SL, I found a box from Nici Sewell again! She sure has some of the most yummilicious outfits for women, I'll tell ya--take a look here...

Immerschoen Girl Biker Jeans Short Set 'Peggy' (includes jeans stockings, gloves and belt), Boots (sold separately) and niciARTLINE Tattoo Skull for Love Angel Set all from Immerschoen--review items

Thanks again Nici!! xxxxx

Location: OWK

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Big Chill

Ok been gone a few days--stupid laptop zonked out on me (and on my second rez day too)! But of course no one misses me so I'm not going to get sentimental here, just that my pics, well they are pretty bad today (so what's new ..yeah don't rub it in) and I'm just going to put all the blame on this reject of a pc I'm using which has been the family's extra foot-stool till now-- I mean, I know my pics aren't that good in the first place, but for sanity's sake, from now on I'm just gonna post whatever I think is presentable enough (and from my heart of course) 'coz I don't think I'll ever catch up with the really good photographers anyways, and tutorials, though I'm grateful for them, somehow just make me feel even more inferior *weary smile*..sighs, so here goes:

In all pics:
Dresses: Urban Chill Mini Dresses from Klam Design--99L (for a set of 4 colours)
Hair: Famous Hair (includes hair accessory) from MonS--75L

Bracelets: Arm Candy from Simply Beau--group gift
Fur Collar: from Gallery&Cafe-free

Bracelets: Strawberry bracelets from Cutemurder--1L
Earrings: Heart Beat Earrings from Cutemurder--free
Choker: Rose Choker from Hudson's--group gift

Necklace: Ribbon Necklace from LoQ--group gift
Bracelet: Black Lace Dreams Beaded Bracelet from Lurve--free

Necklace and Earrings: MaiTai DarkBloom from Bliensen--free

K, now time for me to chillllllllllllllll..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mirror Me: I am not afraid to mix prints...

*Edit* i.e I totally forgot

Scarf: Clockhouse
Sweater: C and A
Top: Gift from roommie :)
Jeans: White House Black Market
Boots: Barnes and Nobles

My Darling Devotees,

Say hello to Mirror Me, my outfit post segment!

For the longest time, there was a huge disconnect between the person I appeared to be, and the person I knew I really was, and this gap was only bridged through my personal style. Ever since I was 8 I think, I've had a huge investment in my style because it was around that time that I started to lose the ability to just be the outgoing, flamboyantly creative, whimsically free-spirited, predominantly happy person I knew I could be. I began to be more self-conscious, more reserved and more withdrawn. At first, it was just little things, like I would not like to be surrounded by people at parties, but would instead take my food and curl up in a corner with whatever novel I happened to be carrying around at the time. But it got worse, and with every additional unkindness done to me, or hardship I encountered, I withdrew even more until the difference between the way I dressed, (which was always really colourful, bright, bold and fun) and the way I acted (which was awkward and/or reserved at best and antisocial at worse) was comical. People would be amazed by my style, and they were shocked by how comfortable I was in taking what they saw as 'fashion risks' (i.e. anything that was different from the normal trends of the time) but what I saw as part of who I really was. I knew what I liked and no fleeting trend could change that, it could only enhance it.

The peak of this disparity was probably junior high and since then the gap has become a lot less evident. Today, you can barely see any resemblance of the girl I was in the girl I am today. College has sort of liberated me from the imaginary ropes I had myself in and allowed me to be the person I've always been inside. My style, which I describe as predominantly Boho-Whimsical in the summer and spring, and boho glam in the fall and winter (although it is going a sort of odd transition right now as can be seen above) is truly reflective of who I am. My friends describe me as always really energetic, bubbly, vivacious and cheerful but even though I know there are times this doesn't describe me all the time (nervous breakdown at 3 am working on english essay, anyone?) I think it's a pretty accurate description of me most of the time.

Anyway, this was just a little peak into my style history and explanation for why personal style is so important to me. My personal style spoke up for me when I couldn't speak up for myself. It told people there was something more about me than the shy, reserved girl I used to be. I decided to start doing outfit posts because individuality and personal style mean so much to me and seeing others' style can be a huge source of inspiration. I hope to elaborate more on the concept of my personal style and style history soon, so look out for that.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What are your views on personal style? Do you get inspired by other people's style? What is more important to you, following trends or maintaining personal style? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love and Relationships: Your words

Photo from:ohcestane

Your words

Can break me


Save me…

Which will it be?

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. I'm sorry sweethearts I have been AWOL this week. All my major final projects and final performances are happening all through next week so I've been ridiculously busy. Please keep me in your prayers and/or hearts. I'll continue to blog despite it all (take that, crazy art classes) but will blog more frequently by the end of next week. Have a fabulous week.

Photos from: We Heart it

Group Gift from Hudson's

Ok I know this is a little late, but there's still time to get this pretty cherry yellow summer dress complete with hat and shoes from Hudson's--just join the group and click on the picture for your April gift!

Dress: Summer Halter Lemon (hat and shoes included) from Hudson's--group gift
Hair: Popo from DrLife

A Day in the Park

Dress: Killer Cupcake from ViciousDelicious--25L
Bracelets: World Snake from MonS--group gift
Flats: Molly from Baby Monkey--previous group gift
Hair: Yuri from D!va

Location: Aero Pines Park

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Basking in the magical and surreal....

Dress: Pink Blossom Dress (bangle included) from DQ--75L
Jewellery: kd Pink from StrAG--group gift
Shoes: 027a Leopard from Angel Alphaville--1L
Hair: La Fleur du Chignon from !SyDS!--Lucky Board

Location: Roan & Lumeria

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pink Beauties

Dress: Piu Pink from Elemiah Design--50L
Necklace and Earrings: Mon Cherie Bijoux Set from Rhiamon's Realm--59L
Hair: La La Love Me from Shag--previous gift

Dress: Alara from Flowerdreams--50L (Supersonic Weekend Rush)
Bangles: Rose Quartz Bangles from RBZ--free
Hair: Nana from Jade

Shoes in all pics: Ribbon Heels Pink from Cero Style