Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back And Still Crazy About Immerschoen!!

Yay! My laptop is back! Finally!! Though it was strange that they couldn't find anything wrong with it; but now that it's back, I'm hearing that same noise again that made me take it to the service centre in the first place!! OMG I hope I don't have to send it in again! It's times like these that I wished I knew how to fix computers myself!

Speaking of fix, I guess I really need to fix my picture-taking skills--start from scratch, learn the basics, etc.. I know in the last post I said I was just gonna post whatever pics that looked presentable enough for my sanity's sake, and I actually got a comment about it (which I did NOT publish--thank GOD for comment moderation *hehe*) and it was in Mandarin too!*gulp* (thank GOD for translators)!! Basically the 'helpful' reader was telling me that 'anything that is NOT the result of hard work is of no value'! Gee thanks, like I don't know that already!! Maybe Miss/Mr Helpful has never heard of REAL human beings who get FRUSTRATED every now and then!! I mean, only God knows how much work I put into blogging! (Whether or not it shows is another matter *sigh*)...ok time to calm down...

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when back in SL, I found a box from Nici Sewell again! She sure has some of the most yummilicious outfits for women, I'll tell ya--take a look here...

Immerschoen Girl Biker Jeans Short Set 'Peggy' (includes jeans stockings, gloves and belt), Boots (sold separately) and niciARTLINE Tattoo Skull for Love Angel Set all from Immerschoen--review items

Thanks again Nici!! xxxxx

Location: OWK

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