Thursday, April 29, 2010

Over the Moon

Hey look, I'm on the moon! Well actually it's sort of a moon-garden with lots of cushions and places to just stretch my lazy bones *hee*. Talking about lazy, I just love this new dress I bought from Ceriano Designs today--the style, the colour combination, the dots and, most importantly, the fact that it comes with belt and shoes so I don't have to go look for them myself are just perfect for a lazybone like me! Smiley But it would have been more perfect if my laptop had not failed me this past week and I had been able to get this same dress at a discount!! Still I'm pretty happy with my purchase and I'm just um...over the moon with it!Smiley

Dress: Boy Trouble Dress (includes belt and pumps) from Ceriano Designs
Choker: Suade Beaded Choker from Hudson's--group gift
Hair: Addison II from Calico

Location: Garden of Greenburg

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