Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Posies Fae Flower

I just love the creativity of Anatalia Honi, owner of Posies which has been selling her 1L daily poses for quite awhile now, and this time she has created this lovely Fae Flower packed with such cute animations that I could spend the whole day just playing with them! The Fae Flower will be one of the offerings at the Pose Fair--take a look at some of the anims:

Dress: Vynil from Mimi's--free
Hair: Bennet from [kik]
Jewellery: Goldblooded from Ganked--free
Shoes: Captive from Pelletteria Morrisey

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spotlight: Curvy Silhouettes

Those who know me will know that I'm not so adventurous when it comes to experimenting with skins and shapes, and that when I find a skin I like, I stick to it for years!! Maybe it's my personality, or maybe it's because I'm always trying on new skins on my (in the words of my dear friend Xanthe) 'old tired shape' which is sooooooooooooo ancient that I don't think they even make it anymore and which really doesn't do justice to any new skin at all!! So today I decided to try NEW skins on NEW shapes (for once), using shapes from Curvy Silhouettes which, to me, has some of the most realistic women's (and men's) shapes in SL.

All shapes from Curvy Silhouettes

Shape: Florrie
Skins: Light-Vivian Ate My Golden Watch/Cleavage and Pale-Vivian Couldn't Sleep Skins from !Imabee, Miso Sun from Leafy

Shape: Emile
Skins: Alexxis from Black&Blue, Hounds of Love Tan from &Bean, Bunny Tan Teethy Skin from Tik Tok

Shape: Saffron
Skin: Spring Gift Skin from Sowelu, Isis Tan Wound and Lady Gaga Skins from Eret!ka

Shape: Amber
Skins: Raquel Skin from A Piece of Candy, Ice Dress Skin from Submissive Ice Avatar set at Adora, Rene Skin from Tik Tok

Shape: Bibi
Skins: Leila and Bunny Skins from Tik Tok, Aprilpalee Skin from Virtual Diva

After this experiment (which I enjoyed tremendously), I learnt how important shapes are and that no matter how wonderful the skin is, it cannot do wonders to the whole look if the shape is all wrong...(I can almost hear Xanthe say, "I told you so!") Yeahh, I'm a slow learner, what can I do???

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Stranded in Butterdish...

Dress: Marchesa from PB Collection--60L
Jewellery: Spire from Faceted at the Accessory Fair 2010
Hair: La Vie En Fleur LeeZu!--free
Shoes: Darcie from Baby Monkey

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun Blogger tag from Erimentha!

Dearest Devotees,

I'm sorry been so scarce, its one of those awful midterm weeks again for me where I have so much school work to do and not enough time, but I should be back to regular posting and just regular stress come next week.
Meanwhile, I decided to partake in and pass along this cool blogger tag Sabine made and that Erimentha passed on to me. Enjoy :)

Choose 1 picture that makes you cringe.
Choose 2 pictures that you could stare at for 5 hours.
Chose 1 picture that shows a situation you want to be/ want to be in before you die.
Link 2 bloggers- and tell me why they inspire you.
Link back to Sabine!

This really makes me cringe (eeeek!!!)

I could quite possibly stare at these 2 pictures for hours. I want to live there!

And before I die I hope that I will do this:

A of The Glamorous Grad Student- because she is definitely a constant source of design and creative inspiration for me.
My Darling Erika from Cafe Fashionista because she is just plain awesome. I aspire to be as awesome as her someday.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

All pictures from We HEART it

Size Matters (Sometimes)

Here I am at Greenies Home (which is really the home of giants) feeling rather small (literally) and a little disoriented because everything is towering over me except for some cute little green aliens and a lovely dollhouse with furniture that is just right for my size. Overrall, it is an interesting place to check out and to see things from a very different perspective--sure looks like size DOES matter sometimes!!

Super sized...and there goes my diet!

Just you and me against the (virtual) world...

Nice Kitty...

Safe at last in the dollhouse...

Dress: Viviana from TrendStyle
Hair: Felicity by GuRL at Savoir Hair--free
Shoes: Janies from Heart & Sole--75L (discounted for a limited time)
Bracelets: Silver Bracelets from ONAR--free

My Top 10: Personal Style Rules

Photo from: hatehandles
Dearest Devotees,

I was talking to my roommate earlier and discovered that over the years, I have developed a lot of rules that help keep me within the realms of my personal style. Some of these rules are quite flexible and may vary according to my current style inspiration but others are rules that I anchor myself to, much like Sir Thomas More anchors himself to his principles :) . They include:

  • A wardrobe full of cotton, or even just one fabric, is not a wardrobe. There is so much variety out there. It might just be me but I can't help but it reminds me strongly someone in a boarding school with a uniform.

  • Patterns and prints can be mixed. I agree it is a challenge and does require a certain amount of confidence and joie de vivre to pull it off, but if fashion didn't challenge me I wouldn't care about it anymore.

  • Comfort and style can go together. I will never understand why or how people can wear pajamas to class. I mean even sports clothes can be useful and at least semi-cute.

  • Accessories can make or break an outfit. I have believed in this rule for years, even gave a talk about in English class when I was 11. The right accessories can take an outfit from plain to dazzling.

  • You do not have to show skin to be sexy or stylish. Sexiness comes from self-confidence and knowledge of what looks good on you. Also, even if the trend is about showing off your limbs, there are several ways to indulge show them off without exposing them to the elements.

  • Do not care about what anyone else might or might not say. As long as what I'm wearing is appropriate for the occasion, and makes me look and feel good I should not and cannot go out worrying about little details like if I will look like everyone else. The first time I was criticised for my style was in 4th grade. Some girl said my wearing blue and black was tacky. I was a little upset at first but later I thought "who died and made her queen of all things fashion" and since then I wear whatever I like with total disregard for people's desire for me to blend in and look like everyone else.

  • Strive to represent who I am and what I like in all that I wear. I am told I have a very energetic, vivacious and bubbly personality. I am generally very outgoing and like to claim that my life motto is " I don't do unhappy" . It makes sense that I am attracted to bright colours, and patterns and prints, and unafraid to take fashion and style risks because of who I am.

  • Unless it is a matter of wearing a ball gown to a baseball park (or some other similarly ridiculous circumstance) I can not understand the concept of having clothes you can only wear to one place i.e. that lovely sapphire top with the beading in your wardrobe apparently only sees the light of day, when you are eating out at your favorite restaurant, every once in a blue moon. It's too dressy, to wear to work or to class, you say. Months later you give it away. Why? You never tried to dress it down. This is a sad but true story.

  • Scarves can be worn anytime of the year, not just in winter. This is coming from a girl who spent six years of a secondary school in a country where 40 degrees celsius (104 fahrenheit) is an absolutely normal temperature for half of the year. Trust me, all you have to do is find the right one.

  • Personal style is about emphasizing your beauty, both internal and external beauty. It is all about playing up the best parts of you. It's supposed to make you feel good and look good. If it doesn't do that its just not personal style.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What are your personal style rules? What is your personal style? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

OMG Sascha Never Sleeps!!

It seemed like just yesterday that Sascha Frangilli of Sascha's Designs awed the SL fashion world with her amazing Waterfall Gown Collection, and before I knew it, she has created yet another winner--the Valerie gown!! I swear this woman, I mean..Sascha (hee) never sleeps!

Say hello to Valerie...

Way to go Sascha!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spotlight: Waterfall Gowns from Sascha's

I know that the Waterfall Collection from Sascha's Designs has already been all over the feeds, and I usually try not to duplicate what's out there in the blogosphere, but when Sascha asked me if I wanted to blog for her latest collection, I just couldn't say no, after all, her gowns are really some of the most beautiful in SL, and this was the designer I had always admired ever since I came to this metaverse; also, many of my first gowns were from Sascha's Designs--it was a brand that I trusted completely because you can never go wrong with a Sascha gown. In fact I used to tell my friends that a woman is not dressed till she is dressed in Sascha's! These latest Waterfall gowns are again testament to Sascha's superb craftsmanship and close attention to detail, with even more options than before to suit any mood....

Waterfall Gold--a special edition with a few more extras such as a pair of gloves, more skirt options (battleship skirt, sleek train, short train), bolero, fur stola and shawl which are not found in the other Waterfall gowns.

Waterfall Pink

Waterfall Apple

These are just some of the colours that I had chosen to blog about, so do visit Sascha's Designs for the complete range, you will certainly NOT be disappointed!

Thank you Sascha for creating such gorgeous gowns!! xxxxx

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pretty Pastels

Step into Spring with pretty pastels...

Dress: Butterfly from D-Design--free (MM gift)
Hair: Kitty from DrLife
Necklace: Retro Locked Heart from Rhiamon's Realm--59L (limited time)
Shoes: Marilyn from Deviant Designs--free (previous group gift)

Gown: Darling Gown from Styled With Grace--free (group gift)
Hair: Sasha from DrLife
Earring: Fairy Splendor (includes necklace and bracelet not worn here) from Ceriano Designs

Dress: Spring is in the Air from Styled With Grace--free
Hair: Swing from Tekuteku
Necklace: Aquamarines and Daisies from Lynx