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Dear Devotee:My Top 10 Spring 2010 Must-Haves

A while ago, I put up a post asking you all to feel free to contact me with suggestions, questions and advice and ellie commented:

...So have you found anything out there that is a must have this spring? I did see some scarves that might brighten what I have, but then I thought..I'll get hot in that or spill something on it...

A while ago, I did a post highlighting the major trends for Spring 2010 here, but that was just giving you a general idea of what to expect ( and what I thought was lovely). But as the weather gets warmer (barely) and the time for intense spring shopping nears I realise we will all need a more definitive of what would be good to get, so I've put together this spring 2010 must-have list below:

Key outfit pieces

spring 2010 major pieces

1. A Chambray shirt: The Americana take on the classic white men's shirt, this piece is a definite spring 2010 favorite. Through it over your cute floral dress or digital printed playsuit (see below) to reinvent your outfit.

2. Brown cargo pants.

3. 80s pop slouchy tees

4.White jeans with blue wash: I tend to favor dark washes because they are easier to dress up and down, but I must say that lighter washes have definitely stolen the show for this spring. Styles to look out for are the ripped and patched jeans.

5. Lace, lace and more lace: Lace details are definitely a must have for this spring, and they are a big enough trend you should shop around for a major clothing item that is part lace. Go for lighter shades for a dreamy day look and darker tones (like black) for a rocker chic/boudoir reminiscent night look.

So those were 5 of my spring major item favorites but since spring is mostly a period of transitioning I sometimes feel that the key to creating an on trend spring look that still reflects you is through your accessories, which is why it was so difficult for me to narrow it down to five. That being said, here are 5 spring 2010 accessories that no style maven should be without:
spring 2010

1. Floral print fringe scarf

2.Navy blue military style jacket or vest with gold details.

3.Patchwork print and light blue tote.

4. Spring leather jacket: This jacket has a warmer tone and is lighter in weight than the its autumn/winter version. Think carefree indie girl at woodstock festival instead of hard-rock chic.

5. Brown cow girl boots: Channeling your inner Americana.

Finally here is my hodge-podge mix of Spring 2010 hits for those who are in search of concepts to work with:

1. Polka dots
2. Chambray (shirts most especially)
3. Bows of all sizes
4. Pastels and blush colours
5. naval strips and military details
6. warm-toned spring leather
7. lace
8.spots of bright colours
9. light blue denim
10. Florals and digital prints

Ellie don't be afraid to get those cute scarves. I know that this season seems to be all about the pastels but if you are worried about taking care of them, this season's floral and leopard prints as well its "spots of bright colour" are definitely the way to go. Hope this helps.

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Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What are your spring 2010 must-haves? How will you transition your wardrobe into spring? Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.

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