Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spotlight: Curvy Silhouettes

Those who know me will know that I'm not so adventurous when it comes to experimenting with skins and shapes, and that when I find a skin I like, I stick to it for years!! Maybe it's my personality, or maybe it's because I'm always trying on new skins on my (in the words of my dear friend Xanthe) 'old tired shape' which is sooooooooooooo ancient that I don't think they even make it anymore and which really doesn't do justice to any new skin at all!! So today I decided to try NEW skins on NEW shapes (for once), using shapes from Curvy Silhouettes which, to me, has some of the most realistic women's (and men's) shapes in SL.

All shapes from Curvy Silhouettes

Shape: Florrie
Skins: Light-Vivian Ate My Golden Watch/Cleavage and Pale-Vivian Couldn't Sleep Skins from !Imabee, Miso Sun from Leafy

Shape: Emile
Skins: Alexxis from Black&Blue, Hounds of Love Tan from &Bean, Bunny Tan Teethy Skin from Tik Tok

Shape: Saffron
Skin: Spring Gift Skin from Sowelu, Isis Tan Wound and Lady Gaga Skins from Eret!ka

Shape: Amber
Skins: Raquel Skin from A Piece of Candy, Ice Dress Skin from Submissive Ice Avatar set at Adora, Rene Skin from Tik Tok

Shape: Bibi
Skins: Leila and Bunny Skins from Tik Tok, Aprilpalee Skin from Virtual Diva

After this experiment (which I enjoyed tremendously), I learnt how important shapes are and that no matter how wonderful the skin is, it cannot do wonders to the whole look if the shape is all wrong...(I can almost hear Xanthe say, "I told you so!") Yeahh, I'm a slow learner, what can I do???

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