Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun Blogger tag from Erimentha!

Dearest Devotees,

I'm sorry been so scarce, its one of those awful midterm weeks again for me where I have so much school work to do and not enough time, but I should be back to regular posting and just regular stress come next week.
Meanwhile, I decided to partake in and pass along this cool blogger tag Sabine made and that Erimentha passed on to me. Enjoy :)

Choose 1 picture that makes you cringe.
Choose 2 pictures that you could stare at for 5 hours.
Chose 1 picture that shows a situation you want to be/ want to be in before you die.
Link 2 bloggers- and tell me why they inspire you.
Link back to Sabine!

This really makes me cringe (eeeek!!!)

I could quite possibly stare at these 2 pictures for hours. I want to live there!

And before I die I hope that I will do this:

A of The Glamorous Grad Student- because she is definitely a constant source of design and creative inspiration for me.
My Darling Erika from Cafe Fashionista because she is just plain awesome. I aspire to be as awesome as her someday.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

All pictures from We HEART it

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