Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Just a quick post today because of RL commitments..hope you will enjoy it, nevertheless! Smiley

Dress: Denim Dress from Opium--lucky board
Necklace: Abigail from Elisabeth's Store--40L
Bangles (left): Summer Blues Bangles from Petunia--Summer Fantasy Hunt gift
Bangles (right): Summer Bangles White from Petunia--moving gift
Hair: Hedeon Hair from Wasabi Pills
Shoes: Dream Weaver (with texture hud) from Heart & Sole--group gift

 Bikini: Beach Lounge Bikini from Opium--group gift
Bangles and Chairs: Malee Bangles and Zebra Blossom Chairs from Petunia--moving gift
Necklace and Earrings: Passion Set from EMO-tions--free
Hair: Dana from EMO-tions
Shoes: Dream Weaver (with texture hud) from Heart & Sole--group gift

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monkey Business

Just 'monkeying' around today in this cute roomy dress I found at the GATO outlet which has lots of other equally adorable, discounted outfits and separates that I would lurrve to get my hands on but am forced to exercise some restraint or I'd be buying up the whole store! *hee* I thought I would match the dress with this lovely pair of candy pink shoes from !SSUS! which really lives up to its name of selling really unusual shoes that I don't find anywhere else in SL. Also, I lurrve this dollarbie hair from Vanity Hair in shocking lime which happens to go well (in my opinion at least) with the green-yellowish hue of the dress. Now I know today's look is not for everyone, but I just wanted to share this crazy quirky side of me, so I hope you enjoy it anyways! *grin*

Dress: Monkey Baggy Dress from GATO--50L
Earrings: Faberge Egg Jewelry Set from Ceriano Designs
Hair: French Connection (includes headband) from Vanity Hair--1L
Shoes: Rhubarb Maryjane Bow Platforms from !SSUS! (Thank you Rowan!)
Skin: Pink Bubbles Tan from Miss Murder--free

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catwoman Once More!

Today I get to be Catwoman once more! This time I remembered my whip but forgot my mask! *sigh* One day I'll get it right! Like most outfits from Immerschoen, this sexy leather catsuit comes with quite a few options--with pants for that no-nonsense don't-mess-with-me look or without for that extra oomph and attitude and the top also comes with a net version for those who prefer something a little more revealing. Such is the versatility I love!

netted top

normal top

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl-Leather Catsuit 'Brenda' (tattoo included) from Immerschoen
Choker: Key from EMO-tions--free
Gloves: Vivien Ring Gloves from YV Store
Hair: Alara from EMO-tions--group gift
Whip: Dragon's Tail Whip from Dictatorshop

Hair in the last 3 pics: Tamarra from Ali&Ali--group gift
Choker: Ring My Bell from EMO-tions--free
Boots: Gold Series-Black from Utopia

Skin in all pics: Venus from Nymph Couture
Poses: Tess and Celestia from [doll.]--ZombiePopcorn gift and Platinum Hunt (10L) respectively

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Favourites

Today's post features some of my favourite designers who are not only creative and skillful in what they do but are also very generous as well as you can see from the quality gifts they send out. Just do a search and you will find that I have blogged about all these names previously because I just lurrve their creations! And it was such a lovely surprise to receive this beautiful dress from Nile Karas of Flowerdreams, I couldn't wait to show it off here! Also, I am soooooooo glad that Neferia Abel of Ivalde managed to fix her computer so she could come back online to create these two gorgeous dresses! As for GATO, I can never get enough of Lalu B's quirky and colourful designs! Oh and not forgetting the mostly free hair from LollipopZ and A Wild Hair and Miss Murder skins--what will I do without them? And finally, Michiko Avon of Avon + Alpha has just celebrated her brand's 1st anniversary this weekend, so don't forget to drop by at her new store for your dollarbie and gifts! Many kisses and a big thank you to all you wonderful designers (including all those out there in SL)!! MUACHHH!!!

Dress: Elidha from Ivalde--August group gift
Jewellery: 1st Anniversary (with colour change hud) from Avon + Alpha--free
Hair: Betty from Tekuteku

Dress: Ellie from Ivalde--July group gift
Jewellery: 1st Anniversary (with colour change hud) from Avon + Alpha--free
Hair: Vanilla (includes headband with colour change hud) from LollipopZ--previous MM gift

Long Dress: Anna from Flowerdreams Creations--group gift
Jewellery: Simple Jewelry (with colour change hud) from Avon + Alpha--1L
Hair: Sally from A Wild Hair--group gift

Dress: Ikea Dress from GATO--free (rebuilding gift)
Jewellery: Elissa from Avon + Alpha--free
Hair: Regina from Hair Solutions

All jewellery from Avon + Alpha
Skin in all pics: Mean Girls from Miss Murder--free

Have a great weekend everybody!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Just Me and Lurani

The weather was so favourable today that I thought I would go for a stroll in the gardens, breathe some fresh air and spend some time alone with just me, myself...and Lurani. If you like the idea of being able to adjust most of your clothing, then Lurani is for you because most of the items in these outfits come in the form of prims with easy resize options. I found the skins interesting too and quite a nice change from what I usually wear--take a look below...

Aviole (includes headgear; shoes and all other accessories not included) with Exclusive Skin 2

Lace Coated Babydoll (includes choker and hat; shoes and all other accessories not included) with Exclusive Skin

Olive Trench Dress (with and without short leather pants and includes belt; boots not included) with Gossip Candy Skin (freebie) and Plastic Candy Skin (freebie)

All clothing and skin from Lurani

Thank you Gisele!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eclectic Mix with New niciARTLINE Leggings!

Today's post is an eclectic mix of sorts, inspired in part by niciARTLINE's new range of stockings and leggings which comes in a variety of colours and designs to suit any mood! Here are just some of my favourites...

Top: Gift Shirt White from N'soul--subscriber gift
Skirt: India MiniSkirt from GATO--40L
Bracelet: Magpies Mirage Bracelet from Sari's
Leggings: Wool Design White from niciARTLINE--new!
Shoes: Strawberry Spewing Pumps from !SSUS!--lucky board gift
Hair: Sally (hat included) from EMO-tions
Skin: Special Fall Skin from Miss Murder--This week's freebie

Outift: Lavand Red from Kid Asia--50L
Leggings: Nylon Design from niciARTLINE--new!
Necklace: Anisa from Elphen-Made--subscriber gift
Shoes: Ultimate Kim (with texture hud) from Baby Monkey--Fabfree 15K gift
Hair: Serena from 3636--group gift
Headband with Feathers: You Stroke My Locks from Split Pea--1L (on the bridge)
Skin: Goodbye Norma Jean from Strumpet (50L for a pack of 4 skins)

Dress: Lacy from Random Fashions
Jewellery: Hibiscus Waterfall Set from Puarangi Designs
Hair: Madrid from Simply Britnee
Stockings: Strass#1 White from niciARTLINE--new!
Shoes: Easter Gift from Donna Flora--free
Skin: Mean Girls from Miss Murder--free

More of my favourite leggings from niciARTLINE!!

Muster Floral

Wool Design

Yeah Nici! xxxx

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fleur from Together Inc.!

I love these new cocktail dresses from Together Inc. with the low neckline at the bodice that just barely covers the nipples *grin* and the beautiful short tiered flounce skirts which make me feel all girly and sexy at the same time. At first glance, I thought both dresses had the same kind of fastening at the back, but when I looked closely, I realized the black one had a zipper behind while the red one had these cute little buttons! Oh how I lurrve details like these!

Fleur Hot Red

Fleur Champagne

Dresses from Together Inc

Thank you Ikaria!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Leather & Sheer

My all-time favourite for formal wear has got to be Paris Metro! Like I said before, the designer Paris Zsun is always brimming with so many new ideas that I swear she doesn't sleep! And her ever-popular Leather & Sheer Gown in black (which I blogged about here sometime ago and I loved it so much I must take new pics of it!) now comes in new gorgeous shades of blue and pink as well! I just love the sharp contrast of leather against sheer, hard-edged versus soft, all beautifully woven together to create a continuous seamless flow....

Leather & Sheer Gown in Black

Leather & Sheer Gown--Sky Blue

Leather & Sheer Gown--Pinkie

All gowns from Paris Metro (Way to go Paris! xxxx)

Life's Little Lessons: Just believe

'Promises mean everything when you're little and the world is so big'

Everclear's Wonderful

The world is huge, experiences range from microscopically tiny to undeniably life-changing. Life is like a stormy sea with alternating periods of deceptive calm and back-breaking turmoil, and in this sea that is life, each person is one ridiculously small and powerless boat. In order to ride out the storm, we need to have an anchor, something to hold onto and to keep us from sinking in times of great trial. Sir Thomas More said,

'I'm anchored, to my principles'

-A Man For All Seaons

In times of great turmoil, our beliefs are whaxt should keep us grounded. I am not even saying solely religious beliefs either. I just feel strongly that we should believe in something good outside of ourselves. A boat does not have a brake, something within itself to help it face the strength of the sea- it has an anchor, something outside of itself that is rooted and strong enough to support the ship until calm is restored. Even in times of calm, the presence of the anchor gives the captain reassurance. Having a belief in something powerful and beautiful reassures you in times of calm and gives you something to fall back on in hard times.

I believe in God, love and hope. I am not blindly optimistic; I do not think that everything is perfect or that bad things do not and will not happen. I do believe though that somehow, in the end things will be okay, and that all I need is the strength to see the situation through. Rarely do people go looking for hardship, but it exists any way so the best thing you can do is face it. I am a strong believer of the whole '' what doesn't kill you makes you stronger approach" and this, combined with the hope of a better day, keeps me going each day.

So if you don't already, I really suggest believing in something. Let it be something larger and more powerful than yourself. Let it be something than is immortal and is unlikely to be hurt by the currents of change. But most importantly, let it be something that resonates with you.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What is your anchor and what are your beliefs? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

For the Love of Science (and Erwin)

I can't believe that tomorrow my dear Erwin and I will be celebrating our second year together! Wow, how time flies! So I went shopping for something that would excite and astound Erwin, but I got distracted (again) by this new hunt at GATO (yay!) called 'For The Love of Science'. Actually, I've always had a love-hate relationship with science as a subject, and for the life of me, I could never get my formulae and periodic table right! Ok anyways, after a whole afternoon of shopping, I still found nothing that would suit Erwin, but at least I found something for myself! *hee*

Dress: Love Science from GATO--For The Love Of Science Hunt gift
Bangles: from Veschi--free
Choker: Chained Link Collar from Shitz N Giggles--group gift
Hair: Natalie (includes colour-changeable hat) from EMO-tions
Boots: Bajtra Sweater Cuff Boots from !SSUS! (Thank you Rowan)!
Skin: Special Winter Skin from Miss Murder--This Week's Freebie

The Blogger Inside Tag

Photo from: A winged pearl

I am

A girl of many dreams and tons of ambition.

Yet I often feel like a lone autumn leaf in the wind.

I believe in God.

I believe in love and hope.

I am

A person with a mission

An ultimate dream to reach self-fulfillment and understanding of the world around me

But also to successfully build myself as a brand

And to create my dream company a clothing company called Vanille.

You may be wondering, "Who is Aury?"

Well, she started out as the main character of my first novel.

A person I've role-played for several years of my childhood

And still continue to do so occasionally today.

I love travelling and have grown up all around the world.

I love airplanes although I am afraid of heights and feel very much at home in airports.

I love magic and the whole idea of an alternate world.

From Greek and Roman Mythology, to tales of Hogwarts and shows like Avatar all these things intrigue me.

I love reading and I adore libraries.

I love the Internet because it is a wealth of information just waiting to be discovered.

I love social media because it keeps us all connected.

I love art, music and literature.

Art to me is everything that uses imagination and creativity to make it come alive.

I love fashion design and costuming because of their process.

An intangible idea and/or message is turned into clothing by the designer, identified with by the consumer and transmitted to others by the wearer.

I love how you need to have an analytical, critical and artistic mind in order to create a successful design.

I love culture and diversity.

I stand for tolerance and understanding.

Home to me is wherever my heart is.

Wherever my family is but also wherever I feel most at peace.

Deconstruction is a huge part of my world.

The deconstructed and disjoint nature of this post is a true portrayal of my mind.

I feel like my mind is a jungle.

A thick but thriving marshy forest full of ideas, questions and answers.

The problem is not a dearth of resources but one of logical connections and pathways to the resources.

If only I could find the way.

This is the real me.

Trying to make sense of what makes my reality so that I can share with you.

I am Aury.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. This is a blogger inside blogger tag that I have just created. The rules are as such:

1. Do a blog post in any format that you like and that you think accurately portrays who you are.

2. Tell us what you think makes up who you are. It can be as long or as short as you want.

3. Tag 3 bloggers and pass it on (I tag Dori from Dori the Giant , Krissy from Shimmer Like Gold, and Debbie from Debbie: The College Years )

P.P.S. So let me know what you think. Feel free to introduce yourselves to me in the comments below.