Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get Shorty

I never thought I would enjoy wearing shorts in SL since I hardly ever wear them even in RL, but lately thanks to some of the gifts I'd been getting, they are starting to grow on me, slowly but surely! Also, I just had to take pics of this lovely skin I received from Exile today (actually I thought they only made hair!)--they seem to go quite well with this gorgeous big hair I got from the MM board at LollipopZ too!

Jacket: one of 7 in a set from Ancay--Fashion Freaks Hunt gift
Shorts: Summer Fun Shorts from TKO--MM gift
Skin: Chloe Blush-Loose Petals from Exile--group gift

Jacket: Neko Jacket from Ancay--Dark Katz Hunt gift
Tube Top and Summer Fun Shorts from TKO--MM gift
Skin: Chloe Shade-Loose Petals from Exile--group gift

Outfit: Sizzle Black from KDee's--MM gift
Skin: Chloe Bronze-Loose Petals from Exile--group gift

In all pics:-
Boots: part of Sizzle Black outfit from KDee's--MM gift
Hair: Provoke from LollipopZ--MM gift

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