Saturday, June 26, 2010

Immerschoen's 'Leona' and Erwin's Rez Day!

I wanted to get my dear Erwin a nice new outfit on his second rez day (since he has not bought something new for years! hee), so I took him shopping (and for once he was not complaining since this time it was for him! *grin*)! And after we both agreed on this rather macho, sexy suit from Utopia, I thought the only outfit that would match his would be the equally yummy 'Leona' from Immerscheon!

Competing to see who is more cool here...

Just concentrate and stop complaining dear...

A closer look at all the options...

Happy Rez Day Dearie! MUACCCCHHH!!!

On me: Leona Panty Set (includes tattoos, different top, panty and sock options, accessories and boots not included) from Immerschoen--thank you Nici! xxxx

On Erwin: Santiago (sunglasses and shoes not included) from Utopia

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