Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sascha Does It Again!!

Sascha Frangilli of Sascha's Designs has outdone herself again with an amazing range of clothing that includes every possible option imaginable, thus allowing for instantaneous transformation from casual to smart-casual to ultra-formal! Now what more can one ask???

Lucy Loo Babypink (includes straps, mini and babydoll skirts and 5 types of leggings )

Lucy Loo White (includes the same options as Lucy Loo Babypink)

Now we take a look at the beautiful Elysiee range of gowns--each gown comes with quite a few skirt options and you can wear it with or without shoulder straps...

Elysiee Pink Candy (with battleship flexi skirt)

Elysiee Black (with gloves, straps and ass/hip swirls)

Elysiee Cognac (with straps and sleek skirt) and Elysiee Forest (with swooshy skirt)

And a closer look at all the other lovely colours available:-

Left to right: Elysiee Turquoise, Elysiee Indigo, Elysiee Lavendel and Elysiee Red

All clothing from Sascha's Designs

Poses: Selene and Sofia from doll

Location: Dream of Haru & Herc

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