Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dearest Devotees: Laying it all down

Dearest Devotees,

After more than a year of blogging, I've been feeling pulled in many different directions lately and I must say that I am quite unsure of how to go forward. The past month and a half in particular has been extremely enlightening, crazy, fun-filled and engaging in my life, because I believe that I have found my Vocation. I can't explain much about it on here because it is very related to my religion but it is very much about helping people. I've finally realized how much it means to me give of myself to others, and to help them become happier people. For a year, I've been completely unsure as to how best to do that, and now that I have such a wonderful group of readers I would love to get your feedback on what you would want. I write this blog for you. I'd originally begun this blog to find myself and now that I have I've realised that all I want is to help people I want to know how best to do that. This is why I want to take the blog in a direction that you guys would be able to leave my blog after visit feeling happier and more fulfilled than when you came. Please let me know what you want. Are there any kinds of post you are more interested in? (Creative lifestyle, Seeking inspiration, Life's a Debate, If I had one wish, Dreaming of the Show, etc. Any particular topics you would like me to discuss? Pursuing an Artistic Career, Doing a little bit everyday, Muses, etc). Honestly you can suggest anything, even something I haven't done before. I am always up for a challenge. Going in though I must say that I will stay true to myself and will only do the things I feel called to.

Any advice or suggestions you could give me in the comments would be highly appreciated.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

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