Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taupe...and My Take

I've been sitting on this week's colour (see Luna's blog) because the more I shopped for taupe or taupe-like items, the more confused I got! So I decided to look in my inventory instead (now why didn't I do that earlier?) and searched for 'taupe'--but I got something greenish instead! Then I typed 'grey' and came up with this cute dress from Lemania which I bought more than a year ago (I think) and it's pretty close to the colour on Luna's blog too! Yay! Problem is I'm not sure if it's still on sale though, but hey..at least it's a decent taupe! Finally! 

Dress: Nevada (includes hat, gloves, jewel, stockings and shoes) from Lemania--not sure if it's still available
Hair: Bo-bang from DrLife--previous group gift
Choker: Lunar Beauty from Lolapop! at EaHH
Pose: Hate Me and Eat Me (Pro Posers Hunt gift)

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