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Seeking inspiration: Reasons To Be Missed...

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Dearest Devotees,

Last night, as I was reading Twelfth Night in the second floor lounge of the Law Building, one of my favorite songs ever Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park, came on and all thoughts of what would become of Olivia and Orsino instantly abandoned my mind. You see, a couple of days ago, a fellow sophomore died and although I didn't know him I was deeply saddened because I know what it feels like to lose someone, especially someone that was close to you in age, because it just reminds of our mortality. I've been thinking a lot about goals lately and this sad event combined with the song made me think about goals in a whole new way. This song's lyrics are so full of meaning I just have to write it all, because I could never put it better:

"Leave Out All The Rest"

I dreamed I was missing

You were so scared

But no one would listen

Cause no one else cared

After my dreaming

I woke with this fear

What am I leaving

When I'm done here.

So if you're asking me I want you to know


When my time comes

Forget the wrong that I've done

Help me leave behind some

Reasons to be missed

And don't resent me

And when you're feeling empty

Keep me in your memory

Leave out all the rest

Leave out all the rest

[End Chorus]

Don't be afraid

I've taken my beating

I've shed but I'm me

I'm strong on the surface

Not all the way through

I've never been perfect

But neither have you

And if you're asking me I want you to know



All the hurt inside

You've learned to hide so well


Someone else can come and save me from myself

I can't be who you are



All the hurt inside

You've learned to hide so well


Someone else can come and save me from myself

I can't be who you are

I can't be who you are

- From AZ lyrics

When your time comes, what will people remember you for? What do you want to be remembered for? Because these are the major life goals that you should be working towards all the time. What are your reasons to be missed?

My Reasons to be missed

I want to be missed because...

I am a caring and loving person.

I give myself completely to the people and causes I care about.

My art work and the way I lived my life inspired and continues to inspire people.

I want to be that person. I'm not there yet but I will work on it and hopefully I will be there one day.

I feel like finding out your reasons to be missed is enough of a seeking inspiration exercise today so good luck in your search and when you're done may I suggest immortalising them by:
♥writing them down on an inspiration board

♥take a picture of list and put it online

♥writing them somewhere you can see them regularly

♥turning them into your motto

♥incorporate the list in poetry

Links that inspired me this week:

New blog love: Miss Scholastic and Creative Arts Anonymous : Written by two fabulously talented women that motivate me and inspire me.

I've been re-embracing my love for poetry lately and this site just works wonders for me.

Artistic personality in the sciences definitely left me feeling more than a bit miseducated.

I long for a change from my normal music routine, and I also miss Geneva, my home. Listening to its online radio brings it closer to me.

I fell in love with this photostream by Jessica Ortwerth


Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What are your reasons to be missed? How would you represent them or immortalise them What inspired you this week? Feel free to let me know in the comments below. And if you want to keep up to date with my posts you can Follow my blog with bloglovin

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