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In My Shoes: Please write two

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This is a continuation of the Seeking inspiration post story I put up titled: Please Write. In this feature, I hope to be able to present life dilenmas to you my darling devotees and I hope that they will get us to think and feel outside our realms of experience. It will be part advice column, part cliffhanger tales. If you have any life problems or situations you want advice on, or if you want to do an In My Shoes piece, email me at Hope you enjoy the first piece.

Days, weeks, months go by and I have not heard from him since he left. Extreme anxiety turns into despair.

What did I do wrong?

Is he trying to break up with me?

Did something happen to him?

He Hates Me!

He's never coming back , is he?

At first, I made excuses for him. I told people that he was too busy, the post is really slow, the network is terrible out there, and at first they believed me. After awhile though, it got much harder for them to believe. I could see the doubt in their eyes, the ever-present gaze of sympathy and pity in their eyes. At these times, I would be ready to scream that he is coming back, although in the depths of my heart I no longer believed it myself. I stopped checking for letters an
d emails from him and instead began to live a ghost-like existence, one that consisted of merely going through the motions. I no longer lived fully. Each day became a struggle. Depression crept up on me and slid in through the cracks of my demeanor, soon engulfing me.

Then one day, six months since he left, a letter came in the mail.

Eliza my love,

I can no longer lead this half existence. I need to be with you but with each passing day, I come to realise that our work here, while incredibly noble, is not enough to satisfy my heart's thirst. Each time I try to contact you, to reach out to you, and let you know how I feel, they tear me away. We work all day and most of the night and hardly ever see anyone from the outside world, and although we have made progress, it has been very slow and today they told us that the projected date of completion is 5 years away. We can no longer take in any new scientists into the community and if any of us were to leave we would never be able to come back. We now have to choose between leaving our old lives behind us and surrend
ering ourselves completely to the program or disbanding from the project, never to return.

I want to leave. I know how many people I could save, how much praise and acclaim I could receive, how much success would be mine, but I also know that I could not live a life in which you weren't a significant part of. There are quite a few incredibly intelligent scientists in the group and I do not doubt they can find the cures without me. I am ready to leave. All I ask is will you take me back?

Will you marry me?

Yours Forever.

What should I do? Should I let him leave? Should I take him back? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Love you all and stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What would do if you were in Eliza's shoes. Would you take him back? Would you let him leave? Would you marry him despite it all? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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