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Fictional Characters I have been or currently am in love with

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Now I not I'm not the only one that has ever had a major crush on a fictional character, despite the fact I am very aware the person does not exist(at least in this world) and can not in fact return my feelings for him. This awareness has not been enough to stop me from practically spontaneously combusting when I see these characters. Nor has it been proof enough to dissuade me from planning alternate realities in which we can live happily ever after. It's not that I have anything against real men per se and in fact if anyone knows someone who possesses most of the human traits of these characters, call me. Just joking (not really :P).

5. Elliot from Mew Mew Power : It was love at first sight. His gorgeous blond hair, and long, lean physique only added to the overpowering aura of mystery and air of mystique that surrounded him. Co-guardian of the crew and secret protector of Zoey as the Blue Knight (at least I think he is), he somehow manages to balance professional aloofness and emotional involvement. He is debonair, charming and has the potential to be an amazing boyfriend to some fabulous girl in the series.

4. Haku from Spirited Away: If you haven't seen this movie you need to see it! Not only does he have all the stand-offish but totally caring charm of Elliot, he also has the whole wounded spirit but trying to be strong thing going on, that I am totally a sucker for. The fact that he is actually a river spirit and therefore possesses some killer magical powers does not take away from his awesome beauty either.

3. Jasper Hale: I know he's a vampire, from Twilight no less, but allow me to indulge in this guilty pleasure. I admire his desire to lead a "vegetarian" (non-human eating) vampire dieting experience and the strength he displays in being around Bella even though it is extremely hard for him. His silent charisma and old school charms and looks strike a chord in me that is devastatingly powerful and the indescribable love for and immense loyalty he has towards Alice is simply beautiful.

2. Fred Weasley: Every girl loves a guy that can make her laugh and Fred Weasly from Harry Potter signifies that guy for me. He and his twin, George are the ultimate practical jokesters and are also really well known for their mischievous and sometimes rebellious ways. Fred defies authority in almost every chance he gets and is not the kind of person to take things lying down. He is brave, courageous and not afraid to take risks. He is also incredibly street smart and has a clear idea of what he wants and how to get it. He is my tragic hero (spoiler).

1. Dr. Spencer Reid: I would really love to be able to say that my love is for the actor that plays his character, the amazingly gifted and talented Matthew Gray Gubler but right now this is just not true. While I am attracted to Matthew, the butterflies in my belly, sweaty palms and heart palpitations that I experience when he comes onto the screen in an episode of Criminal Minds are not for him, but for the loveably innocent but extremely well-read Dr. Reid. At the age of 24, he had already acquired 3 PHDs, a couple of Bachelors and a couple of years with the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit under his belt. Couple that with the fact that he can read about 20000 words per minute and has an IQ of 187 ( making him a genius) , one would imagine that he would be immensely arrogant and totally unapproachable. But he isn't and in fact the opposite is true. He is socially awkward and quite unaware of his potential appeal to women. He is not perfect and he does not pretend or claim to be. He constantly gets hurt on the job because he is willing
to put himself out there and sacrifice himself for his team. Although he comes from a difficult background he has a strong capacity to love and even after years of seeing
disturbing things and having experiences that may have broken a weaker man he is not desensitized and still has the ability to feel.

These characters possess certain qualities that really appeal to me and although they may be exaggerated in these fictional characters, these are some characteristics that I believe would attract me to The One for me.
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Love you all and Stay Inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What fictional characters have appealed to you in the past? Which ones appeal to you now? Why? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.
P.P.S I'm overloading this semester with 20 credit hours and last week and this week are my midterm weeks. I will continue to blog and I promise to get caught up with all my regular posts over the course of this week. I've been doing some technical work on this blog, that I will release to you all ASAP.

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