Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seeking Inspiration: I always come back to you

Picture From: We Heart It

Dearest Devotees,

Love is probably one of the oldest and most popular sources of inspiration out there. Whether it is love lost or gained, unrequitted or acknowledged, young or old, fillial or romantic, love definitely emotes incredibly strong feelings from us. Art work is usually born out of a desire to express strong emotions, and this is why there is so much art work with the theme of love out there. Also since it is such a popular human emotion in all of its various forms, art work love as a major theme tend to resonate with a lot of people and are therefore very popular and usually high in demand. Artists use it again and again with the hope of being able to depict it more completely with each effort either by covering a less publicized angle or using a never-before-seen metaphor. Sometimes, when I'm feeling low on inspiration I find a way to tap into this familiar emotion and use it as a spring board to something great. The montage below is my latest way to connect with love:

I have been collecting a list of movies to see, particularly movies that could inspire me on some level. This montage reminded me I really need to see When Harry Met Sally. It has become a popular culture reference and that means it says something important about world today. If you know what this message is or have an idea what it is feel to let me know in the comments.

Links that inspired me this week:

I am loving these little treasures.

Desire to keep up with the Olympics has made me wonder if it would be good to invest in this. Any thoughts?

Fashion Week!!! I want to be a designer my loves. What do you want from me? :)

What is love?

Nothing like interaction with other artists to inspire the artist within you.

I wish I had such pretty dreams .

There is just so much truth in this post.

Inspirational Exercise

'Tis better to have loved and lost' ?
sometimes I truly wonder.
For can one miss what was never got and experienced at all?
It seems for most things in life the answer is a loud resounding NO.
But once again love is the exception that drives both those who've never had it and those who have lost it to perdition with desire.
Desire to feel pain, joy, anything but this utter emptiness that resounds like a hollow bass drum.

Oh this most cursed and blessed feeling!

(You can actually tell that the majority of what I've been reading lately has been Shakespeare :P)

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. How do you translate the image above? What are your views of love? What inspired you this week? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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