Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holding On (to a Dear Friend)

Holding On
Holding On,
originally uploaded by moniq salamander.
This beautiful pic speaks volumes, and it was taken by Moniq Salamander who is a fantastic blogger, a dear friend, a constant support, and one who definitely makes my SL a much better place!! When Moniq  asked me to take this pic with her, I felt so excited, so touched, and so honoured (see Moniq's blog here)!! Thank you Moniq, for just being you!!! MUACHHHHHHHHH!!!

Oh I almost forgot the style notes *LOL*: I'm wearing Starz Acropa Dress from KIM which I bought a few years back, but I think it's still on sale; one of my favourite jewellery sets Ivory Petals from Twisted and Spoiled which was also bought a few years back so I'm not sure if it's still available, and Baby hair from EMO-tions which will be released this Saturday!!

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