Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brise and Shine!

Paris Metro has just released these beautiful Brise Cocktail Dresses in lovely jewel tones and soft satin with a giant bow sash to go with each dress! And if you missed the free Brise Cocktail Dress in Spring Green at the recent concert, don't fret because it's still free for a limited time at the main store! And I couldn't help chuckling upon seeing this cute matching Lucky Charm Hat which is on sale now at only 10L!

Brise Cocktail Dress-Spring Green (gloves included)-free!, worn with St Patty Day Lucky Charm Hat (10L)

Brise Cocktail Dress-Noir

Brise Cocktail Dress-Pink Black

Brise Cocktail Dress-Lilac

Hat and dresses (all include bow sash) from Paris Metro (Thank you Paris! xxxxx)
Poses from Calael
*hair and jewellery not included

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