Saturday, March 26, 2011

For My Plurk and Flickr Friends!

I've always appreciated my friends from plurk and flickr since these are now my main channels of communication, but in my recent struggle with SL shadows and technical problems with my graphics card, driver, etc, I've come to appreciate them even more--their prompt responses, their advice, suggestions (and even some funny comments *hehe*) all made me feel so loved. And also many thanks to a fellow blogger and flickr friend Mimi Namiboo (whose photo-taking skills I really admire-see her blog here) because she found the solution to my problem!!! Yay!! So today I dedicate these pics (with shadows, at last!!!) to Mimi and to all my plurk/flickr friends!! Big hugss and kisses to all of you!

Sally Butterfly outfit (bangles included) from KDee's--MM gift
Bling Bling necklace from LOULOU&CO--DIMH2 gift
Camila hair from Simply Britnee--new!
Gum skin from JeSyLiLo--new!
Selene boots white from Baby Monkey--new!
Poses from Annomis Poses and Animations

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