Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Take on Green!

Wow, this week's green for Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge proved to be quite a challenge indeed because I don't have very many green items in my inventory, but I know my fellow blogger and plurker Moniq Salamander just couldn't wait for this week's challenge since green is her favourite colour and boy did she do a great job with that blog post too! As for me, I dug deep into my inventory and found this previous lucky board gift *yippee!!* from one of my favourite stores ElaCor (I bought the peach version much earlier), so I matched it with all these other wonderful gifts past and present (I must say these green eyes from Ibanez and skin with green eyeshadow from Laq are really timely), and just hope I pass this green challenge!

Dress: Luna3 Verde (flower accessories and glitter all included) from ElaCor--previous lucky board gift, now 80L
Hair: Shyone Misty (honeydew) from Bishwear--previous Hair Fair dollarbie
Shoes: Madden Pump from Baby Monkey--group gift
Eyes: ColorGlow Eyes (Fangorn) from Ibanez--holiday gift
Skin: Vilda from Laq--Christmas gift
Poses: !bang, Glitterati

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