Sunday, May 30, 2010

Indie Appreciation Week: My Top 10 places to visit

Dearest Devotees,

Like I mentioned in my first indie appreciation week post, to me part of being independent means being free to travel and explore the world around me. I absolutely adore travelling, and I never feel more at ease with myself than when I am in the process of moving. Packing, unpacking and exploring new places are actions that are second nature to me. The way people have adventure lists of death defying/ extremely thrilling activities they want to do like bungee jumping and skydiving is the way I have a running list of places that I really want to go always at the ready. I see the world as an exciting mélange of people with different cultures, histories, and lifestyles and getting to live these experiences really thrills me. Below are the top 10 places I currently desire to see:

10.Cairo, Egypt: Oh the richness of culture with just a dash of danger that seeing the pyramids would give me! From what I've heard Cairo is a city that is just bursting with life in which the new and the old live peacefully side. I also long to have a camel ride along the desert to the sunrise.

9.Dublin, Democrat Republic of Ireland :I love Northern Ireland dearly. It is a place that is truly close to my heart and I've driven through Dublin before but I've never really seen it before. I love Gaelic. I think it’s a beautiful language and I feel it would be really nice to see it used more.

8.Dubai, United Arab Emirates- It's so exotically beautiful there and apparently they have a booming arts and crafts industry with lovely textiles and even more stunning jewelry. Add that to the enlarged beach city feel and you're looking at a lovely holiday.

7.Toronto, Canada: pure curiousity and lovely grade school friends to see.

6.Sydney, Australia: also sheer curiousity with the added possibility of running into Natalie Tran, one of my favorite youtubers.

5.Milan and Florence, Italy: Apparently they are the textile and art capitals of the world. I would love to see these assertations proved.

4.Barcelona, Spain: Been to Madrid and I liked it but something tells me I will probably fall in love with the regal elegance of Barcelona.

3.Venice, Italy: 1. It’s VENICE! 2. It may be one of the most unusual cities ever (structurally). 3. I really, really want to sail in a gondola (sea sickness be damned).

2.San Francisco, California: The Academy of Art is there and it’s my current art grad school lust. Also, it’s rumored to be a ridiculously beautiful city what with the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. 3. I am in the United States after all; therefore I must seize the day.

1.Paris, France: Fashion Capital of the world. Home of incredibly stylish men and women and land of so much inspiration. Almost anywhere else on this list can be switched around but Paris is most definitely no.1 for me.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What places in the world do you really want to see? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Photos from: We Heart It

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