Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trendlight: The Longchamp "IT" Bag

Caught up in the midst of the crazy whirlwind that is my life in the past week , somehow I have been able to spot an astonishingly hot new trend on the streets of Europe: The Longchamp "IT" Bag. At the beginning of the summer season, when some of my friends obtained and presented these bags to me, claiming it to be the next big thing, it took all of my willpower to not laugh at the idea. I mean, aside from its extremely portable nature, there seemed to be nothing vaguely fabulous about this bag. So you can imagine my Immense Shock, when I realised that not only was this bag a hit, its popularity level has risen to such dizzying heights that even I recently found myself in a Buzzano store, admiring one of these bags in a light blue. Quickly coming to my senses, I hurried out of the store before any of my friends spotted me.

Now don't get me wrong. A regular traveller like myself can definitely see a lot of potential in this bag practicality- wise. It can be carried in at least 2 different ways because of its ability to fold up into a fraction of its regular size, which makes it easy to travel with as it takes up less space. Also, since it has little or no compartments in the actual bag it has a lot more space for you to pack the whole world and the moon, if you so desire. But style-wise it seems a little bland to me. I just don't see enough going on in it by way texture and colour. And the fact that I'm seeing it everywhere (and I do mean everywhere- see left), may just be putting me off it.

But who knows, I'm probably biased (I am totally in love with leather bags and so probably shouldn't judge any other kind). Some people have even found a way to work around the lack of texture and colour by using it as a blank canvas and customising it with stick-studs and pins.

If you feel like this is a must-have bag for you, there a few things you should know. First of all, for those of you who aren't aware, Longchamp is a high-end designer label, which means each bag carries a huge price tag depending on the size. Generally, if you are a college student like me this may be a bit too expensive for you (unless its your splurge item of the moment). If it is too expensive for you , I have seen a few similar versions done by labels like C&A with more affordable price tags. Also , if you are going to get the original and want to customise it, please don't do anything too outlandish that you'll regret. The bag is too expensive for you to over-customise it to the point it becomes unwearable in any other season. Finally and most importantly I believe, if you don't like it Don't Buy It. Even if all the people you know have it, it just is not worth it to buy something that does not reflect you.
Love you all and Stay Inspired,
P.S. So tell me, have you fallen in love with this trend? Does this bag call your name or do you belong to the camp of "I just Don't get it " too? You can give your response in the comments below.

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