Monday, July 13, 2009

Love&Relationships: On this Love

So here it is guys, my first love and relationships article.

Don't laugh or make stupid kissy faces. :)

Ever since I left my homebase, Switzerland, for a month's stay in Northern Ireland, I have felt more than a little lost. This is because, I had to leave a very important part of me there. My bf, the most amazing guy in the world, has been more than just a boyfriend, he has been my best and closest friend practically since I met him. I tell him things that I can tell no one else, because I know he won't judge me, or worse laugh. He has supported me through some very difficult times in the past year and somehow had the strength to not run away from it.

Unfortunately, I began to take him for granted, and therefore did not really prepare myself emotionally for our first big split.

As soon as it dawned on me that I wouldn't see him, or be able to reach him at moment's notice, for a whole month I broke down in tears. The pain was overwhelming and I begged God to take it away. In order to distract me from the pain, I began to go through the songs on my iTouch (Music is my best form of therapy) and stumbled upon "This Love " by The Veronicas. ( I have placed the video and the lyrics in the inspiration section below the post).
At first, the song only made me cry harder because it was echoing all that I was feeling. However, as the song's tempo became more upbeat and the lyrics started showing a willingness to fight for the relationship despite what the couple may face, I began to cheer up. The tears stopped flowing and a spirit of hope and courage filled me. I'm not saying, I was immediately healed but over the next few days, whenever I felt blue and full of despair, I would play this song to remind me to hold on. Once again, music had helped me in one of my emotional battles.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be releasing a couple of posts on my favorite "music therapy" songs. I strongly believe that it is a great way of expressing yourself and letting loose your emotions, even if the songs aren't yours. Also, it is a lot less expensive than retail Hopefully, these lists will help you to and inspire you in making your own.

Love you all and Stay inspired,


P.S. Do you have songs that you play when you are feeling a certain way? What songs are they? Let me know in your comments below

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