Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Rock: Ankle Cuff Heels

These shoes are hot, sexy and have totally made my transition to fall fashion a lot more exciting. Since one of the major themes of the Fall/Winter 2009 season is the strong shoulder trend of the 80s, for balance to be maintained, it follows that strong shoes like the Ankle Cuff Heel must also come into play. I must confess that at first I didn't really like this trend. I thought that the shoes were a bit strange and indecisive. I mean it looked like a cross between a heel and a boot! But once I laid my eyes on the gorgeous chocolate brown Qupids(via en ala mode on the left I was converted. They are made out of faux croco-leather, and are absolutely fabulous.

Now we've seen it. We love it. How do we rock it?

Well, I've been thinking and I have come up with three major ways to rock these heels:

1. Biker Chic: Definitely one of the most obvious ways to rock this look is in a biker chic fashion. The strong edgy aura given off by the cuff of the darker shoes definitely coincides with the total edginess of biker chic. Just thrown in a studded bracelet, some leather and metallic jewelry (all popular pieces right now) and you can totally chanel your inner badass.

2. Eighties Revolution: Another way to rock Ankle Cuff heels would be to incorporate it into an 80s- inspired ensemble. Since 80s fashion is going to be a major theme in fall, why not don a strong-shouldered blazer, with a pair of dark skinny jeans and complete it with some gorgeous ankle cuff heels? That way you embody the best of the 80s.

3. Sweet vs Edge: In fashion, the best outfits are made up of pieces that either complement or contrast each other.So a good way to rock the ankle cuff would be by contrasting it with, a truly feminine outfit. Think cute LBD with lace details and sexy black ankle cuffs.

Warnings and Words of Advice:
  • The cuffs on these heels tend to emphasize the size of the ankle so if your ankles are on the thick side the best way to wear these would be by teaming them with leggings or fishnets to make your ankles appear slimmer.

  • Finally, since the shoes are usually statement pieces, the best way to rock them is by working with them and using them to step up your outfit.

Love You all and Stay Inspired,

P.S. So tell me. What do you think of these shoes? Is this a trend you would try? How would you rock it? Feel free to comment below.

(Photos from and En ala

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