Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a Hunt!

I think I've mentioned before that I don't really enjoy hunts, with a few exceptions, and this Four Seasons Plaza Hunt is one of them--the hunt items include casual to formal wear, hair and some accessories as well! This is certainly one hunt you won't want to miss! Just look for an Easter egg!!

fsp hunt 1
Cloud gown from Paris Metro with Carlotta updo from A&A and Ranena's Dream Blue Topaz and Pearls from J&W Jewelers

fsp hunt 2
Kira from Entre Mares with Carlotta updo from A&A

fsp hunt 3
Ella in brown from Purple Moon with Annette updo from Pocket Mirrors (new! not part of the hunt), Gracious Are The Times earrings from Chop Zuey (previous group gift-not part of the hunt), Swan necklace from EB Jewelry (not part of the hunt)

fsp hunt 4
Left: Bonnie (stockings included) from Elisea Carter with Lolita updo from Pocket Mirrors (not in the hunt) and jewellery from Gems & Kisses (2nd Anniversary gifts-not in the hunt)
Right: Blue Ali (includes gloves and jewellery) from Lady Mor with Alys updo from Pocket Mirrors (not in the hunt)

fsp hunt 5
Jezzixa Amethyst from Prism with Cherry Pink hair from S Town (group gift-not part of hunt) and Kitty Cyrus jewellery set from Alienbear at Project Fur Japan (not part of hunt)

fsp hunt 6
Daffy Blu from Daphne Boutique with Amber hair from MINA

fsp hunt 7
Left: Play of Lace in Red (mask included) from Fellini with Brooke updo from Pocket Mirrors (not part of hunt)
Right: Sasha from Utopia, with Porta hair from Bishwear (not part of hunt), Snakeskin clutch from Indyra Originals and Pink n Diamond Easter Masquerade Mask from Moxie Polanos

~and much more!!!

Hunt location: Four Seasons Plaza
*All clothing, hair and accessories from the Four Seasons Plaza Hunt unless otherwise stated
All poses from Bent!

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