Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seeking Inspiration: Creating from Chaos

Dearest Devotees,

There is a wildly held belief that artists must not only be able to live with and accept chaos but must able to miraculously draw beauty from said chaos. Now, whether there is any truth in this statement or not I can not say, but I have noticed that creative minds are usually able to create connections between seemingly disparate things. This talent helps artists to be able to see things in a new light and helps us free our minds from the conventional roles in which something is used. Have you ever taken anything apart (be it an idea, an object or a problematic situation) to understand it better only to find that taking it apart leads you to come up with a new way of looking at it? This process of destroying to rebuild is at the core of the idea of creating from chaos. When things are taken apart you are forced to see each part as an individual piece, with all of its own possibilities and potential roles outside of the roles that it had been playing in the group. This inspires creative thinking that can honestly lead to anywhere. Some ways in which this kind of connective creative thinking can come in handy include:
  • Looking for a theme for your first clothing collection from your mood/ inspiration board.
  • Renovating your room/personal space
  • Creating a storyboard for your next short film/youtube vlog/music video
  • Finding inspiration for your NaNoWriMo Novel
  • Looking for a stylistic theme for your costume design project
  • Solving a mini-crisis-soon-to-be-epic-crisis at your new business or within your group of friends/family (like when one friend thinks someone said something about the other that the other didn't person didn't say i.e. one of those he said-she said situations. )
And so much more :)

So, how do you develop this amazingly useful skill?
Well you could start with this week's Seeking Inspiration Exercise...

First of all, gather loads of wildly different things together, taking care to include a mix of both 2D and 3D pieces mix, and throw in things that appeal to all your senses. Mix them together, and move them around in any way you want on a flat surface like a board (the desk or the floor works well too).

Then, ask yourself these questions...
Is there any common theme?
What is the mood that you get from the scene?
Is there anything you are most pulled to?

Study your answers to the above questions and choose one of your answers as a springboard for your next work.

Links I've loved this week:

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Love you all and Stay inspired,

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