Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sand & Sun

I love the Sand & Sun Hunt (or was it Sun & Sand? *lol*) because it takes me back to my 'roots' since the very first friends I made in SL were at a beach, and now I have found another great place to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea in the beautiful, serene and lush surroundings of Tonga-Mystic Sands! I had the privilege of meeting the lovely owner Nova, who was kind enough to let me take pics on her amazing island which she has so generously made public to all! She is still in the process of rebuilding the sim though, but to me, it was already perfect!!! Oh and the music was so soothing, I didn't want to leave! *hee*

Rhea Pink Bikini Set from Jazumi--free
Bird Jewelry Set from Boathouse--1L
Victoria hair (part of a complete avatar, modified) from Luci's Freebies--free

Dotty Bikini from Love Zombie--S&SH gift
Achilleus Pierce Set from Gabriel--group gift
Marigold hair from SFBH

Beachy outfit from Eclectic Firefly--S&SH gift
Nyla Jewelry Set from Exodi--S&SH gift
Antoinette hair from S Town

Glossline from Jesylilo--S&SH gift
Isolde skin and Apple Red nails from Exodi--Lucky Chair gifts
Surf Board with poses from Y's A&P--S&SH gift

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