Monday, May 18, 2009

Apparel World: The Pre-Vanille E-Zine


One small step for Vanille, one Giant step for Me....(and my BFF, Yeti)

This is my first ever real blog and first ever real post. So this post is mainly just to let you know what to expect from Apparel World(now An Ordinary Girl's World) as a blog and me as a blogger =)

Well, I guess I should start from the top(literally)

The title Apparel World came to me during one of my fashion explosion phases (times when I'm so immersed in fashion that I see the world through high-fashion, rose-tinted Missoni shades...hahaha). But when I was unceremoniously dropped back to earth I realised that I wanted this blog to develop my style as a the future CEO and Editor-In-Chief of a leading fashion magazine and clothing line.

So, you must be asking, what is Vanille?

Well I could probably write a book on what Vanille is to me, but I suppose the most important way of describing Vanille now is as the Fashion empire that my best friend and I aspire to co-owning. We hope that Vanille will be a sweet yet spunky, ecletic mix of several strong styles that will blend together in a stunning way. The Vanille Fashion magazine is pretty much going to portray the same image because its won't just be about fashion but it will be about life, love, and self expression. It will be a fashion magazine that defines fashion as the outward expression of an inner essence and therefore will truly show fashion as an art.

Using our dream of Vanille as my inspiration, I hope to make An Ordinary Girl's World: Fashion, Love, Life the kind of e-zine that not only appeals to fashionistas and style divas, but also attracts people of all walks of life. I hope An Ordinary Girl's World: Fashion, Love Life appeals to the creative core within us all.

Love You all, and Stay inspired


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